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How to Avoid Being Offloaded in NAIA Immigration
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In general, Filipinos traveling abroad need only to present the following documents for PRIMARY INSPECTION or SCREENING:

-Valid passport - at least 6 months

- Valid original visa for port of entry

- For tourist, a return ticket. ( Memorandum order no. MCL -07-019 issued on October 24, 2007.)

For those who are traveling with a valid contract through licensed recruitment agencies, make sure you have all the documents after attending PDOS (Pre-departure orientation seminar).  Pay the required fees and you are ready to go without any challenge with immigration counters.


- Authenticated Affidavit of Support and Guarantee processed by sponsor

- Birth Certificates of sponsors and or possibly other family member that will prove genuine relation with the applicant ( Must be within the 4th degree of consanguinity or affinity. Spouse, parent, child, grandparent, grandchildren, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew and 1st cousin are the only acceptable relative scheme) 

- Proof of Income - Salary Certificate and or Bank Statement, Credit Card and Cash

- Confirmed hotel booking

More FAQ's and tips for visit visa travelers:

1.) What is the purpose of your travel?

Make sure that you know exactly what's your purpose, that is to VISIT your friend/s or relative/s. You should convince the immigration officer that you are a tourist, if you're answers are uncertain, they may stop you from leaving immediately.

2.) What are the usual documents or proof that immigration officer wants to see?

Financial capability to travel. If you have a sponsor, an authenticated affidavit of support and guarantee issued from a Philippine embassy or consulate is a must. Valid visit or tourist visa and ASG alone will not guarantee permission to board, it's merely a visit legitimacy claim. Therefore, prepare additional supporting documents such as proof of income or salary certificate, cash or credit card, hotel booking and a confirmed return ticket.

Some officers gives statutory declaration form to answer.  Questions are about purpose of your travel, cost of the ticket, your itinerary and details that your travel is only to VISIT and not to find a  job. Decision will be made after answer review.

3.) What if I am unemployed and no other proof?

If you only have valid visa, return ticket and affidavit of support and guarantee, chances are you will be offloaded if you can't provide enough financial evidence. It is a red flag for human trafficking.  However, if you are sponsored by a first degree family, usually you will get through without hassle.

If you are sponsored by a friend, your luck depends on the immigration officers. Previous travel records could help you get through, it's an indication that even you don't have a job, your family can afford to let you travel.

4.) Do you know your sponsors details?

Make sure that you know your sponsors contact number, address, length of stay, job position and the nature of your relationship. Inconsitency in your answer is a ground to get offloaded.

5.) What should you wear?

You don't need to dress really fancy. Wear casual that is appropriate for travel.  Profiling is standard in immigration checks worldwide. Image is as essential as it shows your overall confidence.

Important Notice - If you are a victim or know somebody that is a victim of immigration officers who get a clearance by giving certain amount of money, read the instructions below and take an action.

Report any attempt of extortion in exchange for clearance at immigration. This extortion in itself is a form of human trafficking. Put your complaint in writing, specify the circumstance, date, time, immigration counter and name of immigration officer or airport personnel involved.  You may bring your complaint directly to the Bureau of Immigration or have your letter endorsed by the Philippine Consulate to the Bureau.

Commissioner Ricardo A David Jr

2nd Floor Bureau of Immigration Bldg.

Magallanes Drive, Intramuros, Manila

+632 527-3248 | 309-7751 | 309-7752

BOI Website

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Question: I am worried of offloading in NAIA Immigration. How to avoid being offloaded?

Posted by Pinoy How on Tuesday, 5 May 2015
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